Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have you heard about laser comb? (hair loss solution)

Have you heard about laser comb? Is it a proven hair loss solution?

Let's find out. Below is a review about HairMax Laser Comb from Apply Now,

Hair Appears Thicker With At-Home Laser Therapy

Getting hair to appear thicker, fuller and healthier may be as easy as using a comb. That's the idea behind the HairMax Laser Comb: a low-level cold-beam laser that you plug in and run through your hair for 10-15 minutes three times a week.

Some Claim "Substantial Growth"
The HairMax Laser Comb is a compact version of large laser therapy machines used by hair clinics around the world to encourage hair to appear thicker, fuller and healthier. According to the manufacturer, the Laser Comb works by dilating blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to hair follicles. Through the principles of "photobiotherapy" the company says the laser "progressively improves the quality, strength and thickness of your hair" in an average of 5 to 10 weeks. More dramatic results can be seen after a few months.

Miami Florida's 10 News reported that one patient who used the comb for two months had a 50 percent increase in hair count. However, the reporter emphasized that once a person starts using the Laser Comb, they must use it indefinitely for continued results.

Dateline NBC conducted its own "non-scientific" experiment with the Laser Comb. A volunteer used the comb regularly for six months and showed "substantial" hair growth on the crown of his head, according to the dermatologist in charge of the test.

Seeking FDA Approval
According to a Hairmax spokesperson, "At this point in time, the HairMax LaserComb has not yet received its FDA clearance for the medical claims of hair regrowth, stimulation of follicles and reduction of hair loss. Nor has it received clearance as a cosmetic device for thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

"The LaserComb does meet USA safety requirement for laser products. But this is not to be construed or positioned as any form or indication of FDA clearance. While we are in pursuit of this clearance, we have nor yet completed the submission process and therefore may only ethically claim that the HairMax LaserComb makes hair look thicker, fuller and healthier."

Unfortunately, the Laser Comb isn't cheap, costing several hundreds of dollars. The company says that the price is worth it, especially when you consider the cost of hair growth pills and lotions, which can cost up to $60 per month, and ongoing professional laser treatments that can cost thousands.

I give the HairMax Laser Comb 4 stars because it produces results but is still too expensive for many consumers.

If you can afford it, just give it a try! It could be a hair loss solution for your hair loss problem.

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