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The Latest In Hair Loss Solutions

Hey, this news is definitely a great news to those having hair loss problems. This news is from cbs.

Enjoy reading!

The Latest In Hair Loss Solutions

(CBS) The average person loses between 50 and 100 hairs a day. But, as we know, many folks lose a whole lot more than that. And while some are comfortable with that prospect, others are not.

We've all know some of them: the men and women coping with thinning or balding hair any way they can. While there have long been many options to choose from, never before have the results been so realistic. Technology's come a long way, but then again, never before has a shaved head been so sexy.

Telly Savalas may have kicked off the trend in the 1970s as the bald police detective with the lollipop in Kojak, but today everyone seems to be taking it off.

And it's not just celebrities, like Vin Diesel. In fact, it's actually become an alternative to hair loss for a lot of men.

Style editor Scott Omelianuk notes, "Men are much more comfortable being bald. It might not have been the case 10 years ago, but then athletes like Michael Jordan adopted it and pretty soon it was OK for all of us suddenly, not to have hair.

But CBS Marketwatch's Susan McGinnis found out, for those not comfortable being bald, there are more and better options than ever.

But not everyone wants to be like Mike. In fact, if done right, the latest hair replacements can look so real, it's hard to tell if anyone's head of hair is the way nature intended or if a doctor helped nature change her course.

There are about 70 million Americans just like this guy - call him Joe, even though that's not his real name, who are losing their hair.

Joe came to the New Hair Institute in Fort Lee, N.J., to see Dr. Robert Bernstein, one of the developers of the latest in hair replacement technology.

They call this process "Follicular Unit Transplantation." It's a fancy name. But, it's pretty fancy stuff

You've seen the ads and infomercials, from companies like the Hair Club For Men and may have thought this is too good to be true. But according to Dr. Bernstein, it's the real thing.

He says, " I think it's only now that people are understanding that hair transplants can look natural."

Remember "plugs?" That was when a doctor took clumps of hair from one part of the scalp and planted them in another. It came out looking like a toothbrush. Well, Follicular Unit Transplantation takes that concept a huge step further.

Surgeons move hair from where there is a lot, the so-called "permanent zone" to where there's little or none, but they do it by moving one to four hairs at a time, a follicular unit.

After the transplantation, Dr. Bernstein advises Joe to “just be careful not to exert yourself for a couple of days and just let it take hold."

There are limitations: there's only so much hair that a patient can donate from other areas before they run out. Still, this procedure has become the standard in hair transplant surgery.

Joe says, “It cuts as your own hair. You go swimming, its' your own hair. It's yours"

For those preferring less invasive means of combating hair loss, there are advancements in other areas as well. An estimated 360,000 people nationwide wear hairpieces. At places like Louis Feder/Joseph Fleischer in New York City, they're using new technology to make them more comfortable and attach more securely to the scalp.

Jerry Rowan, who runs the men’s hair division, says the hairpieces can run into the thousands of dollars, because each is made from scratch.

He explains, “The type of hair we use is only blue string Italian virgin hair from Italy. Why Italy? The genetics of the people, the climate, the diet and it's often said, a better sex life.”

They don’t guarantee that for the recipient, but Rowan says this alternative has distinct advantages over surgery.

He says, "No blood, no pain, the simplest solution with guaranteed results."

But if hair pieces are too old school for you, a high-tech solution some believe works is lasers! Used by both men and women, the manufacturer claims low-level lasers make hair appear thicker and fuller. Clinical trials are under way to prove that the laser affects more than just the hair's appearance, but actually helps hair grow thicker and stronger, and possibly generate new follicles.

A cheaper but effective alternative is drugs. There's Rogaine, a lotion you rub into your scalp and Propecia in pill form. Both are known to jump-start hair growth or at least curb hair loss by interfering with the hormones that cause baldness. For this, you'll shell out anywhere from $30 to $60 a month. Some say expect future technology and drugs to become even better, more effective, and more widespread.

Still for countless others the answer is: let nature take its course.

The question now is: What is the next frontier for this industry. We're hearing that technology will advance to where hair follicles can actually be cloned so that the hair will not have to be taken from other places on the person's head. That would mean there would be no limit to the amount of hair that can be transplanted. But Dr Bernstein says that is in many, many years into the future. It's not going to be an option anytime soon.

Way to go for hair loss solutions!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Have you heard about laser comb? (hair loss solution)

Have you heard about laser comb? Is it a proven hair loss solution?

Let's find out. Below is a review about HairMax Laser Comb from Apply Now,

Hair Appears Thicker With At-Home Laser Therapy

Getting hair to appear thicker, fuller and healthier may be as easy as using a comb. That's the idea behind the HairMax Laser Comb: a low-level cold-beam laser that you plug in and run through your hair for 10-15 minutes three times a week.

Some Claim "Substantial Growth"
The HairMax Laser Comb is a compact version of large laser therapy machines used by hair clinics around the world to encourage hair to appear thicker, fuller and healthier. According to the manufacturer, the Laser Comb works by dilating blood vessels and increasing the blood supply to hair follicles. Through the principles of "photobiotherapy" the company says the laser "progressively improves the quality, strength and thickness of your hair" in an average of 5 to 10 weeks. More dramatic results can be seen after a few months.

Miami Florida's 10 News reported that one patient who used the comb for two months had a 50 percent increase in hair count. However, the reporter emphasized that once a person starts using the Laser Comb, they must use it indefinitely for continued results.

Dateline NBC conducted its own "non-scientific" experiment with the Laser Comb. A volunteer used the comb regularly for six months and showed "substantial" hair growth on the crown of his head, according to the dermatologist in charge of the test.

Seeking FDA Approval
According to a Hairmax spokesperson, "At this point in time, the HairMax LaserComb has not yet received its FDA clearance for the medical claims of hair regrowth, stimulation of follicles and reduction of hair loss. Nor has it received clearance as a cosmetic device for thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

"The LaserComb does meet USA safety requirement for laser products. But this is not to be construed or positioned as any form or indication of FDA clearance. While we are in pursuit of this clearance, we have nor yet completed the submission process and therefore may only ethically claim that the HairMax LaserComb makes hair look thicker, fuller and healthier."

Unfortunately, the Laser Comb isn't cheap, costing several hundreds of dollars. The company says that the price is worth it, especially when you consider the cost of hair growth pills and lotions, which can cost up to $60 per month, and ongoing professional laser treatments that can cost thousands.

I give the HairMax Laser Comb 4 stars because it produces results but is still too expensive for many consumers.

If you can afford it, just give it a try! It could be a hair loss solution for your hair loss problem.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Malaysian way of combating hair loss (hair loss solution)

Wonder how others in other country taking care of their hair to prevent hair loss? (hair loss solution)

Below are two common methods practiced by many Malaysians.

1)Apply a cup of coconut milk to your hair. Massage for a few minutes,then cover
your head with shower cap and towel. Rinse after thirty minutes. Repeat the
process every week.

2)Before going to sleep, apply warm olive oil on your scalp, then massage gently
around five minutes.You can wash your the next morning.

Give it a try! it could be a hair loss solution for your hair loss problem

Monday, November 12, 2007

Feeling Stressed? How Your Skin, Hair And Nails Can Show It (hair loss solution)

In my first post (8 hair loss solution), one of the solutions is to have a balanced lifestyles.

If you are stress, your hair, nails and skin can show it. The article below explains.

ScienceDaily (Nov. 12, 2007) — Pending job cuts at the office. Back-to-back final exams. A messy divorce. An unexpected surgery. What do they all have in common? In a word – stress. While everyone knows that stress can take a toll on a person physically and psychologically, it also can lead to dermatologic problems, such as acne, brittle nails or even hair loss.

Speaking November 8 at the American Academy of Dermatology’s SKIN academy (Academy), dermatologist Flor A. Mayoral, MD, FAAD, clinical instructor in the departments of dermatology and cutaneous surgery at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Fla., discussed the most common outward signs of stress on the skin, hair and nails, and offered stress management tips to control these symptoms.

“In treating hundreds of patients over the years with skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne and psoriasis, I have seen firsthand how stress can aggravate the skin and trigger unexpected flare-ups that, in effect, create more stress for patients,” said Dr. Mayoral. “Learning how to manage the effects of stress on your skin can help alleviate some of the anxiety and symptoms.”

Stress and the Skin

When a person becomes stressed, the level of the body’s stress hormone (cortisol) rises. This in turn causes an increase in oil production, which can lead to oily skin, acne and other related skin problems. Dr. Mayoral noted that even patients with skin that is not affected by acne tend to develop temporary stress-related acne due to increased oil production.

In fact, a study in the January 2001 issue of the Archives of Dermatology entitled “Psychological Stress Perturbs Epidermal Permeability Barrier Homeostasis,” found that stress has a negative effect on the barrier function of the skin, resulting in water loss that inhibits the skin’s ability to repair itself after an injury.

Specifically, the study involving 27 medical, dental and pharmacy students examined how periods of higher stress (in this case, during final examinations) impacted the skin’s response to repeated stripping of cellophane tape on the subjects’ forearms vs. periods of lower stress (such as after returning from winter vacation). Researchers found that it took longer for the skin to recover from the minimally invasive tape stripping during periods of perceived higher stress than during less stressful periods.

“This study was the first of its kind to suggest what dermatologists anecdotally have known for years – that psychological stress adversely affects the normal functions of the skin,” said Dr. Mayoral. “While the subjects in this study did not have any pre-existing skin conditions, I would suspect that people with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis would have been even more adversely affected by this experiment.”

Stressed-Out Hair

There are many reasons why men and women lose their hair, but Dr. Mayoral believes that stress may be the primary reason for unexplained hair loss. When someone is under stress, hair can go into the telogen (fall-out) phase. Telogen effluvium is a very common hair loss problem that can occur up to three months after a stressful event. After the initial hair loss, hair usually grows back in six to nine months.

Life-changing events such as childbirth or surgery also can cause hair loss. Dr. Mayoral explained that during these times, the body takes a “time-out” from growing hair to concentrate on recovery and healing. As such, hair does not grow as much and some could shed and not grow back right away.

“Stress affects people differently – some may develop an ulcer, or have a heart attack, or lose their hair,” said Dr. Mayoral. “Hair loss is a normal response to stress, but patients should see a dermatologist for a proper evaluation to rule out other medical causes. I also advise patients to avoid any strange diets where only one or two foods are allowed, as improper nutrition and extreme or rapid weight loss can result in hair loss.”

Effects of Stress on Nails

Nails are not immune to showing outward signs of stress, and some people develop the nervous habit of biting their nails or picking at them when they feel stressed. Another stress-related nail habit that Dr. Mayoral discussed is people who rub their fingers over their thumb nail, which can create a ridge across the nail. This rubbing causes a distortion of the nail plate, and when the nail grows, a raised ridge forms in the middle of the nail. In addition, physical or emotional stress, certain diseases, and chemotherapy can cause white horizontal lines to appear across the nails. Brittle, peeling nails also are a common side effect of stress.

“Sometimes patients with nail problems are not aware that their habits or tics from being stressed out or nervous are at the root of their problem,” said Dr. Mayoral. “There are instances where patients self-inflict skin, hair or nail problems that go beyond what we normally expect from stress, and these patients often need psychological help to modify their behavior.”

In her practice, Dr. Mayoral finds it beneficial to give patients the tools to help themselves cope with stress-related skin flares, particularly patients with eczema, acne, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis where outward symptoms are obvious. For example, Dr. Mayoral teaches her acne patients how to modify their treatment regimen to deal with flare-ups from stress – which gives them control to help themselves during stressful periods.

“Being in control of your situation can help relieve stress,” said Dr. Mayoral. “For instance, I teach my acne patients who use a topical acne medication once a day how to safely use the medication more frequently to counter the effects of stress. If this doesn’t work, they know to call me or come in to the office so we can make further adjustments in their treatment. I find that initially giving them the power to fix the problem is very empowering to them.”

In addition, Dr. Mayoral offered tips to curb the effects of stress both internally and externally:

* Learn to recognize the underlying problem that is triggering your symptoms and develop skills to help minimize the stress.
* Exercise helps release endorphins in the body that can reduce stress.
* Avoid very hot showers or baths and use detergent-free soaps. Moisturize as soon as possible after bathing.
* Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher daily to protect your skin from sun exposure.

Adapted from materials provided by American Academy of Dermatology.

Sources: American Academy of Dermatology (2007, November 12). Feeling Stressed? How Your Skin, Hair And Nails Can Show It. ScienceDaily.

In short, having a balanced lifestyles, is a hair loss solution. Managed your time and get a happy and healthy life. Good Luck!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

D.I.Y Natural Remedies for hair loss (hair loss solution)

Thinking about taking natural remedies for your hair loss problem?
This article might give u a better idea.

Natural Remedies for hair loss (hair loss solution)

Several natural remedies have been found useful in the prevention and treatment of loss of hair. The most effective among these remedies is a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingertips after washing the hair with cold water.

1. (Amla) oil from the Indian gooseberry , prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil, is considered a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth. A mixture of equal quantities of fresh amla juice, and lime juice used as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
2. Lettuce (salad-ka-patta) is useful in preventing hair loss through deficiencies. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is said to help the growth of hair if drunk to the extent of half-a-litre a day. The juice of alfalfa (lucerne) in combination with these juices is rich in, elements which are particularly useful for the growth of hair. While preparing alfalfa juice, fresh leaves of the plant should be used.
3. Daily application of refined coconut oil, mixed with lime water and lime juice on the hair, prevents loss of hair and lengthens it. Application of the juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also considered beneficial.
4. Mustard oil, boiled with henna (mehndi) leaves, is useful for the healthy growth of hair. About 250 grams of mustard oil should be boiled in a tin basin. A little quantity of henna leaves should be gradually put in this oil till about 60 grams of these leaves are thus burnt in the oil. The oil should then be filtered through a cloth and stored well in a bottle. Regular massage of the head with this oil will produce abundant hair.
5. Another effective remedy for loss of hair is the application of coconut milk all over the scalp and massaging it into the hair roots. It will nourish the hair and promote hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding coconut shavings and squeezing it well.
6. Washing the hair with a paste of cooked black gram (urad dal) and fenugreek (methi) leaves lengthens the hair. A fine paste made from pigeon pea or red gram (arhar dal) can also be applied regularly with beneficial results on bald patches. Regular use of castor oil as a hair oil helps the luxuriant growth of the hair.
7. Certain remedies have also been found useful in case of patchy loss of hair. The seeds of lime and black pepper seeds, ground to a fine paste, is a valuable remedy. This paste, applied on the patches, has a mildly irritant action. This increases blood circulation to the affected areas and stimulates hair growth. The paste should be applied twice a day for a few weeks.
8. Another useful remedy for the patchy loss of hair is the paste of liquorice (mulethi) made by grinding the pieces in milk with a pinch of saffron. This paste should be applied over the bald patches before going to bed at night.

Have a better idea what to do now? Natural remedies could be just the one you need for you hair loss solution. GOOD LUCK!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bald is beautiful (hair loss solution)

Hey, i found this article on the, and i think it is so interesting that you might think of just going bald for your hair loss solution.

Bald is beautiful

Most guys go through at least one phase growing up where they shave their heads. Maybe it was a dare, a team ritual or punishment for losing a bet. But as you got older, the fear of losing your hair may have turned into a full-blown reality. Some guys embrace their baldness and readily whip out the razor blade, while others try to deny the existence of the rapidly thinning area in the back of their head or the telltale receding hairline. But something interesting has happened ... bald became sexy.

Even guys with full heads of hair are turning to the shaved head look. If you're thinning, you really don't have a whole lot of options (you're not fooling anyone) but take heart, look at how many girls would kill to take Chris Daughtry's wife's place by his side (yeah, we all know that won't last but anyway ...) and then there's Bruce Willis. Don't get me started. But fully folllicled guys, just make sure this is what you want to do before you get shave happy.

The pros:

* You look like a bad a**
* No hair to shampoo
* No crazy looking morning after hair
* Girls will want to touch your re-growth
* You'll get noticed wherever you go

The cons:

* You might have a funny shaped head
* You still have to condition your scalp and take care of your skin
* You have to shave it frequently otherwise you look like a baby bird
* Your head will sunburn more easily/you'll have to wear a hoodie or beanie hat on cold days
* Girls you don't want attention from may want to touch your re-growth

Before you start shaving, you'll need the right tools and products. Fortunately there are several companies who have taken on the baldness cause, creating cool products that make getting a smooth, even shave a breeze and help you keep it that way.


Get a close, easy shave with the HeadBlade Classic. Here's how it works: slip your middle finger through the loop (up to around the second knuckle) making sure the HeadBlade is nested palm-side. Rest the HeadBlade on your scalp (make sure the back 'pad' is always in contact with your scalp). Now take a long smooth stroke using no pressure. Uses Gillette Atra Plus, Schick Ultrex, and HB TripleBlade blades.

Matte or Glossy? It's up to you

Don't want a shiny head? Get HeadBlade Lotion Matte ... or if you want your head so shiny others can see their reflections on it this product also comes in Glossy. After hours of testing sheen, shine, and reflection using photographic equipment the folks at HeadBlade created a great product that moisturizes your scalp without leaving behind a heavy shine. HeadLube Matte almost magically disappears leaving your head clean and feeling fresh without the use of dyes and perfumes.

Protect and shave

What you use to shave your head is just as important as the tool you use. Body Tools shave cream with tea tree oil and oleo, lanolin, apricot kernel oil and Vitamins A & C is a cooling, refreshing cleanser while giving you a smooth shave.

For sensitive skin and especially for hair re-growth, Jack Black Beard Lube (yes, you can use it on your head), works as a pre-shave to soften and prepare the stubble, then as a shave cream with Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Glycerin for a close shave and as an after shave with Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Menthol to refresh the skin. Pick it up at Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora.

Shaving your head

So it's time to get real. When you're ready to do the deed, follow these steps from Dr. Steve May, the founder of Body Tools, and you're on your way to becoming one cool bald dude.

1: Before shaving your head for the first time, be sure to trim your hair with scissors before shaving - don't just take a razor to longer strands. This ensures a closer and most importantly, an easier head shave.

2: Be sure to shave your head after a warm shower. The heat and water make hair softer and easier to cut, which reduces the likelihood of razor bumps and unsightly ingrown hairs. Apply a generous dollop of a moisturizing shave cream or gel like Body Tools Shave Cream with tea tree oil and aloe and massage it into your scalp for a few minutes, allowing the product to soften hair even more.

3: Use a new blade each time you shave your head. Shave against the grain and use slow, even strokes without applying pressure to the scalp. Rinse the blade frequently to ensure that the blades aren't clogged with lather and hair.

4: After shaving, rinse well to remove all product and check your head out carefully in the mirror for any spots that you might have missed. Finally, apply a soothing aftershave and/or moisturizer like Body Tools SPF 15 after Shave Repair & Protect to your scalp to keep ingrowns at bay. Regardless of the product you choose, be sure that it contains sunscreen - a peeling head is never attractive!

After your head is all smooth, you'll need to maintain it. Bald Guyz® Head Wipes clean the natural oils that are secreted from the pores of the head. Green tea extract, vitamin E and natural emollients leave the head feeling smooth and soft.

Without hair, your scalp takes a beating. Bald Guyz Moisture Gel provides extreme moisturizing and soothing properties for sensitive skin, is excellent for after shaving, or to replace the moisture lost from the powerful rays of the sun which can cause the skin to become dry and irritated. Bald Guyz Moisture Gel combines green tea extract; Aloe Vera, vitamin E and vitamin A that help soothe, moisturize and protect sensitive skin. When used after shaving, our Moisture Gel reduces irritation and helps eliminate razor bumps.

A. Covington is a fashion writer with a sharp eye for men's fashion. Her men's fashion blog covers the essentials on how to dress well, from neckties to power suits to men's casual clothes to work attire for men. She always knew she wanted to be a writer and always loved fashion - and finally found a way to revel in both. Her work has appeared in numerous regional magazines and ezines, including San Diego Magazine, San Francisco Downtown Magazine, Ranch & Coast Magazine and

Article Source:

Choosing being bald as your hair loss solution, is not bad at all, huh!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Henna - a proven traditional hair loss solution

Let's see another traditional hair loss solution.

Have you heard about the miracle of henna?

Many have tried henna treatment and recommended it as a hair loss solution.

This herb originates from India and the Indians have used it for ages to prevent hair loss. It nourishes your hair and at the same time give glowing effect to your hair. It also darken you hair color. However, some people find henna's odor as unpleasant.

Henna treatment generally is not expensive, or you can purchase d.i.y henna treatment available at the pharmacy.

So, check out henna treatment at your area!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why not try out wigs? (hair loss solution)

In my 1st post, i listed down 8 solutions for hair loss problem (hair loss solution).
One of them is wearing wigs or hair pieces.

If you are tired trying all other hair loss solution and all seems didn't work for you....or your just impatient to see the result, then wearing wigs or hair pieces probably suits you best!

Personally, i like wigs. There are thousands of styles to choose from. You can choose wigs based on their lengths, colors, hair cuts, brands, styles or materials

If you like "decent look" wigs, the picture below might give you some ideas.

They look really great in wig! don't they?

or maybe you like something like this?

Though wearing wig wouldn't help hair to regrow, i still consider it as a hair loss solution.

Let's look further on hair transplant (hair loss solution)

Hair Loss Solution - hair transplant

In my 1st post, i listed 8 hair loss solution. One of them is hair transplant.

But i believe not many people know about it. According to International Society of Hair Restoration Society, hair transplant means "A surgical technique that transfers hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area"

If you are considering this as the option for your hair loss solution, you better understand the pros and cons.

Some people are just not lucky, something just wont work. The hair did not grow as expected! read a real experience here...

but some are so thankful to have chosen a hair transplant as their hair loss solution! They have a real wonderful experience and a tremendous hair improvement... read their testimonials here..

From my point of view, choosing the right surgeon is an important factor to consider.

Hair transplant could be the most favorite "hair loss solution" in 5 years time! who knows...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

8 Hair Loss Solution for you hair loss problem

Are you looking for hair loss solution? You are at the right page.

If you are losing your hair, and have tried so many ways to prevent or to stop it, don't panic because there are several hair loss solutions that you can choose from, ranging from natural hair treatment to hair transplant to hair pieces.

Be happy and enjoy reading!

Below are commonly suggested hair loss solutions:

The basic line is, you must know the cause of your hair loss problems. Once your know the causes, then you can consider the right hair loss solution. Please consult a physician before you implementing the suggested hair loss solutions below:

1) Hair Loss Solution - The Natural Way:
This method does not use chemical substances. It is safe for everyone. It is a proper diet which contains a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals that is essential in producing healthy hair. For example:
-Take food that has high percentage of vitamin silica such as cucumbers, potatoes and peppers.
-Take food that rich in vitamin A : such as fish liver oil, meat, milk, spinach, broccoli, carrots, but
take not more than 25,000 IU daily.
- rich in vitamin C: such as citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi, dark green vegies, recommended daily intake: 60mg
- rich in vitamin E: such as wheat germ oil, soybeans, nuts, dried beans, green vegetables, intake daily up to 400 IU.
- rich in biotin and/or inositol: such as whole grains, egg yolks, rice, milk.
- rich in niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin b6 and vitamin B12.
- rich in mineral calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, silica,sulfur, and zinc

PLEASE CONSULT your physician on how much to consume before begin your diet.

2) Hair Loss Solution - avoid too much "MSG" in your food.
This has not been proven. However, there are some people claims they are losing hair due to the diet that contains high "MSG" such as instant noodles or junk food.

3) Hair Loss Solution - Using recommended, proven, FDA approved - hair loss products or drugs.
There are so many products claimed to be the best hair loss solution. But beware, some are not proven, not clinically tested, not FDA approve. Using that products is totally at your own risk. Consult the physician before applying those products. Commonly suggested products are Rogaine, Propecia and Provillus. Another basic thing to consider is choosing a hair shampoo with 5.5 ph level.

4) Hair Loss Solution - Hair transplant.
This kind of hair loss solution is getting more popular nowadays. This method uses your existing hair (either at the side or at the back of your head), and transplant them at the receding areas. So you must have some hair in good condition to be planted. This could be expensive. Result may vary, either works for complete or partial baldness. The newly planted hair might take some times to grow depending on the health level of the scalp. Consult the experienced hair surgical doctor before you proceed.

5) Hair Loss Solution - Just shave your head!
Hey, this is kind of cool huh! No need to shy for being bald. There are a few celebrities nowadays choose to be bald though they do not have hair loss problem. You can be a trend setter among your friends! This could be the most easiest, the quickest and the cheapest hair loss solution!

6) Hair Loss Solution - wearing wigs or hair pieces.
This is the only hair loss solution that will not help to regrow your hair. However, no one knows your secret! Nothing awkward here. Wearing wig or hair pieces is just a trend nowadays and there are thousands of styles to choose from! Consult a hair stylish to help you choosing the one that fits your face and your styles.

7) Hair Loss Solution - herbal supplements or the traditional way
This method has very minimal side effects. It does help in stimulating hair growth. Herbs like Saw Palmetto are highly recommended, either taken in pills or added to hair loss products or applied as massage oil. Other effective herbs for hair loss solutions are horsetail, rosemary, siberian ginseng, and nettle.

8) Hair Loss Solution - having a balanced lifestyles
Your hair loss problem might be due to the high level of stress. Thus, you need to manage your time so that you have ample time to rest, to socialize, make new friends, and spending time for your hobbies. This method of hair loss solution won't work if you are not willing to sacrifice some of your precious time. Get a life!

So have your pick the right hair loss solution for yourself?

I hope at this point, you have some ideas about hair loss solution.
I will put on some more articles from time to time.

Please refer to the "Archive" on the right side of this page, to learn more about hair loss solution.

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