Sunday, November 11, 2007

D.I.Y Natural Remedies for hair loss (hair loss solution)

Thinking about taking natural remedies for your hair loss problem?
This article might give u a better idea.

Natural Remedies for hair loss (hair loss solution)

Several natural remedies have been found useful in the prevention and treatment of loss of hair. The most effective among these remedies is a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingertips after washing the hair with cold water.

1. (Amla) oil from the Indian gooseberry , prepared by boiling dry pieces of amla in coconut oil, is considered a valuable hair tonic for enriching hair growth. A mixture of equal quantities of fresh amla juice, and lime juice used as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
2. Lettuce (salad-ka-patta) is useful in preventing hair loss through deficiencies. A mixture of lettuce and spinach juice is said to help the growth of hair if drunk to the extent of half-a-litre a day. The juice of alfalfa (lucerne) in combination with these juices is rich in, elements which are particularly useful for the growth of hair. While preparing alfalfa juice, fresh leaves of the plant should be used.
3. Daily application of refined coconut oil, mixed with lime water and lime juice on the hair, prevents loss of hair and lengthens it. Application of the juice of green coriander leaves on the head is also considered beneficial.
4. Mustard oil, boiled with henna (mehndi) leaves, is useful for the healthy growth of hair. About 250 grams of mustard oil should be boiled in a tin basin. A little quantity of henna leaves should be gradually put in this oil till about 60 grams of these leaves are thus burnt in the oil. The oil should then be filtered through a cloth and stored well in a bottle. Regular massage of the head with this oil will produce abundant hair.
5. Another effective remedy for loss of hair is the application of coconut milk all over the scalp and massaging it into the hair roots. It will nourish the hair and promote hair growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding coconut shavings and squeezing it well.
6. Washing the hair with a paste of cooked black gram (urad dal) and fenugreek (methi) leaves lengthens the hair. A fine paste made from pigeon pea or red gram (arhar dal) can also be applied regularly with beneficial results on bald patches. Regular use of castor oil as a hair oil helps the luxuriant growth of the hair.
7. Certain remedies have also been found useful in case of patchy loss of hair. The seeds of lime and black pepper seeds, ground to a fine paste, is a valuable remedy. This paste, applied on the patches, has a mildly irritant action. This increases blood circulation to the affected areas and stimulates hair growth. The paste should be applied twice a day for a few weeks.
8. Another useful remedy for the patchy loss of hair is the paste of liquorice (mulethi) made by grinding the pieces in milk with a pinch of saffron. This paste should be applied over the bald patches before going to bed at night.

Have a better idea what to do now? Natural remedies could be just the one you need for you hair loss solution. GOOD LUCK!

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